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Pai Says He’s ‘Grateful’ To Be Designated FCC Chairman

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“Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, said, ‘There is no one more qualified to guide the FCC for the next four years. Chairman Pai’s intelligence, experience, and humility will serve the American people well. The future of communications regulation could not be any brighter.'”

Wheeler Starts Farewell Tour With Major Speech on Broadband Policy

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“Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin defended his record in a report rather than through a series of speeches when he left eight years ago, said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge and Wireless Bureau chief under Martin. ‘It would be presumptuous to assume that an outgoing chairman’s views on future policy will hold any significance for the next administration, as evidenced by Wheeler’s own rejection of previous FCC policies that had been developed over multiple administrations and proven successful.'”

Transition Fuels FCC Staff Concerns; Transition Team Interviews Ex-Martin Staffers

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“Some current and former FCC officials said such fears are overblown and unfounded. In industry, when a new CEO comes in, it’s understood a new team will be installed, said Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell, a former Wireless Bureau chief under then-Chairman Kevin Martin.”

Wheeler Expected to Leave FCC Shortly Before Trump Takes Office

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“Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, expects Wheeler to leave before the inauguration. ‘If he stays on merely to create a 2-2 split, it’s unlikely to have a substantial impact on anyone other than him,’ Campbell said. ‘The split won’t last long enough with a Republican-controlled Congress.'”

Deregulatory Mood & Worries About CPB in Wake of Trump Win

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“The market-oriented advocacy group Tech Knowledge called Trump’s victory ‘a new hope’ for the FCC. Fred Campbell, its director, issued a statement saying the FCC may ‘renew its faith in the dynamism of private enterprise and the competitive spirit.’ Campbell is a former chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and was an advisor to Chairman Kevin Martin.

He argued that the commission at one time had a policy of relying primarily on competitive market forces to drive investment and innovation in communications networks and services. ‘The Obama administration’s love for top-down government mandates threatened to destroy that economy, but it’s not too late.’”

A workplace retaliation lawsuit brought by an FCC employee

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“A workplace retaliation lawsuit brought by an FCC employee (see 1609300016) raises red flags about ‘the prevailing institutional culture’ there, with the agency seemingly unconcerned about por­nography viewing in the workplace, said Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell in a piece in Forbes Thursday.”