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After Loss of ‘Net Neutrality,’ Districts Weigh How to Protect Themselves

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“Fred Campbell, the director of Tech Knowledge, a free-market think tank and a supporter of Pai’s policy, said he saw no harm in COSN’s advice to districts. But he also does not believe that internet service providers are about to change their practices in ways that will undermine schools. Districts are ‘enterprise customers,’ and internet service providers have an incentive to make them happy.

‘I’d be very surprised if it is ever necessary,’ Campbell said of the COSN document. ‘I see very little to be gained [for those companies] in blocking that content.'”

In 2017, the FCC made life easier for your internet provider

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“‘The idea that he’s pro-ISP has been manufactured by big tech companies who benefited from government favoritism during the Obama era and now see it coming to an end,’ said Fred Campbell, director of the group Tech Knowledge and a former chief of the FCC’s Wireless Bureau under Republican Kevin Martin.”

Net Neutrality Litigants Seen Facing Difficult Decisions on Possible Stay Bid, Venue Choice

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell called it ‘very unlikely’ a stay motion would succeed, given the Supreme Court’s Brand X and Chevron precedents, which recognized FCC authority to classify broadband as a lightly regulated Title I information service and defer to reasonable agency decisions on ambiguous statutes.”

Changes to Comcast’s net neutrality site raise questions on paid prioritization

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“Fred Campbell, a former Republican FCC aide and the current director of the free market think tank Tech Knowledge, said questions over quality of service arrangements or network management practices are among the reasons why he sees paid prioritization as one of the more nuanced topics in net neutrality. ‘The concept is confusing,’ Campbell said in an interview, adding that prioritization ‘means different things to different people.’He noted that the FCC’s 2015 order specifically discussed instances where it might waive the ban if a petitioner demonstrated some significant public interest benefit. ‘There are good reasons to prioritize some services,’ Campbell said, though he also acknowledged there are scenarios were paid prioritization could be ‘anticompetitive.’

Without Net Neutrality, How Would Internet Companies Treat K-12 Districts?

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“There’s ‘no evidence that ISPs have any interest in blocking or throttling content’ in education, Campbell said. Leaving aside the public blowback that would come in throttling content to schools, he said, internet providers would not have an economic incentive to treat K-12 districts unfairly.’

‘There seems to be this assumption that ISPs would block, simply for a whim,’ Campbell said. ‘Whimsy just doesn’t frighten me…I would see the risk to schools as zero, as a result of this order.'”

People Across The Internet Are Unleashing Extremely Vile, Racist Attacks Against The FCC Chairman

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“Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge and a professor at the University of Nebraska College of Law, agrees.”

‘The repeated racist attacks against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his family in their own home during the holiday weekend are horrific,’ said Campbell. ‘The perpetrators of this villainy should be ashamed. These attacks aren’t net neutrality advocacy. They are terrorism.'”