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Trump Draws Praise, Criticism For Signing CRA Privacy Resolution

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“Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, said, ‘Overturning the Obama Administration’s discriminatory privacy rules was an essential step in protecting consumers’ privacy through fair federal rules. American’s privacy should be equally protected from all invasions regardless of the invader’s identity – a simple test the Obama FCC’s rules did not meet.'”

Bloomberg Law Brief: House Vote on FCC Internet Privacy

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“Fred Campbell, former chief of the FCC’s Wireless Bureau and director of Tech Knowledge and Catherine Sandoval, a professor at Santa Clara University Law School, discuss a recent House vote, which stopped several FCC internet privacy rules from taking effect. They speak with June Grasso and Greg Stohr on Bloomberg Radio’s ‘Bloomberg Law.'”

House Votes to Kill Privacy Rules Binding ISPs

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“‘If an opt-in requirement is not necessary for Google and other edge providers that collect Web browsing information, then it’s not necessary for ISPs either, since Google and other ad server companies can collect the same type of Web browsing data from third-party websites as an ISP,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge.”

FCC Expected to Move Quickly on ISP Privacy, Absent Action by Congress

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“‘Given that the stay order only addressed the rules set to take effect in March, I expect [Pai] will wait to see whether Congress acts,’ predicted Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘It’s possible that Congress will decide to move quickly on a resolution of disapproval. If not, Pai would still have time to act before the remaining rules go into effect, because time expires for the disapproval process in May.'”

Opponents Of FCC Privacy Rules Marshal Arguments At Recon Opposition Deadline

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell pointed out that the FCC’s broadband privacy rules don’t apply to ‘Wi-Fi service offered by coffee shops,’ so that if one person in a coffee shop is using their wireless providers’ network to surf the Web, and another is using the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, they will be have different levels of privacy protection. ‘The FCC rules are largely nonsensical,’ he said.

‘Why not have the same rules apply everywhere?’ Mr. Campbell added. ‘From a consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter who violates your privacy. … The whole FCC argument of stricter rules for ISPs revolves around the idea that they’re unique somehow. That’s just factually untrue.'”

FCC Stays Data Security Rules Over Clyburn’s Dissent

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell said, ‘I’m pleased to see that the FCC and FTC have pledged to work together on harmonizing the FCC’s privacy rules for broadband providers with the FTC’s standards for other online companies. Consumers will be best served by a consistent and easily understandable set of standards. Consumers’ privacy shouldn’t depend on which agency is charged with protecting it or the identity of the company that serves them. Consumers and internet companies alike deserve equal protection under the law.'”

What the World Wide Web of the 1990s can teach us about Internet policy today

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“It indicates the FCC will retain its authority to act when there is a market failure, public safety or consumer protection issue,’ said Fred Campbell, director of the think tank Tech Knowledge, ‘but won’t use preemptive regulation to address hypothetical concerns.’

Preemption of possible anticompetitive or anti-consumer behavior tends to lock in existing business models, Campbell said, whereas regulation that intervenes only after consumers have been harmed tends to encourage experimentation in the marketplace.”

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