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Undisclosed Pai Industry Meetings Draw Heat; Others See No Problem, Laud Outreach

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“‘It’s not a legal issue,’ emailed Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘Assuming the item is published before a vote in accordance with the FCC’s current practice, it’s hard to see how there would be even a perceived transparency problem. It’s not unusual for the FCC to ask questions or brief industry and the press before issuing a formal proposal for public comment.'”

FCC’s Next Republican Seen Likely to Be a Female Economist

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“‘Lack of economic analysis over the last eight years wasn’t for want of economists at the FCC,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘It was the result of Democratic Party leadership that no longer supports the validity of economic theory or the ability of competitive market forces to protect consumers from economic harm.'”

Release of Draft FCC Items Mostly Praised But Also Raising Some Concerns

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“Pai deserves whatever accolades he gets, said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘This level of transparency puts additional pressure on the chairman’s office,’ he said. Wheeler ‘liked to talk about his proposals in broad, euphemistic language that papered over their implications. There’s little room for pithy sloganeering when the full text is published in advance. Pai’s commitment to transparency signals his seriousness about FCC reform and shows confidence in his approach to policy.'”

What the World Wide Web of the 1990s can teach us about Internet policy today

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“It indicates the FCC will retain its authority to act when there is a market failure, public safety or consumer protection issue,’ said Fred Campbell, director of the think tank Tech Knowledge, ‘but won’t use preemptive regulation to address hypothetical concerns.’

Preemption of possible anticompetitive or anti-consumer behavior tends to lock in existing business models, Campbell said, whereas regulation that intervenes only after consumers have been harmed tends to encourage experimentation in the marketplace.”

The complete article is available HERE.

Clayton Act Touted, Dismissed as FCC Entry Into AT&T/TW Review

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“‘I don’t see this idea getting any traction,’ Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell told us…. The Clayton Act gives some agencies beyond the DOJ and FTC authority in transactions, but for the FCC the limit is on transactions of common carriers, which AT&T is but TW isn’t, Campbell said. He said the best reading of the act is that it applies to situations involving two common carriers, not one common carrier’s merger with a different kind of entity. He said it would be ‘a legal stretch’ for the FCC to try to exercise such authority, especially since it never has before.”

It’s Satellite Dishes Powering Time Warner That Imperil AT&T’s Deal

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“The FCC routinely grants satellite earth-station licenses, placing them on public notice and giving the public 30 days to object, said Campbell, the former wireless bureau chief. If Time Warner is able to spin off its licenses, ‘I don’t see how the FCC reviews,’ he said.”

Wheeler Bucking Tradition in Pursuing Active Agenda Following ‘Change’ Election

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“Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, said in Forbes Tuesday Wheeler should follow Martin’s example. Campbell was Martin’s Wireless Bureau chief. ‘One has to wonder what Wheeler is trying to accomplish,’ Campbell wrote. ‘Any party-line vote the agency makes now can be reversed when the new administration takes office with little or no chance of prior court review.'”

Pai Emerging as Definite Front-Runner as Next FCC Chairman

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“‘Pai is a logical choice for interim because he’s the most senior,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘The permanent chair often comes from the president’s campaign. Based on Trump’s extensive business experience and contacts, it’s also possible he’ll tap someone from the business community.'”