A Conversation About Tech Policy with Representative Blackburn

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why not try these out I recently had a chance to speak with Representative Blackburn, who was named Vice Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce last November and will play a key role in tech policy this year. During our brief conversation, Blackburn demonstrated why she is a rising star among conservatives leading Internet transformation. Here is what Rep. Blackburn had to say:

http://lakesiderestaurantcumberland.com/menu-card/hash-browns/ On the importance of the Internet to the economy:

sustiva tablets cost Interactive technologies are embedded and intertwined into every sector of our nation’s economy. Our global competitiveness requires that we protect the freedom of the Internet and the ability of entrepreneurs to innovate on this platform without government interference.

On regulation of the Internet and other technologies:

The Internet should be free of economic regulation by the FCC. We should also avoid prescriptive policies that would limit the next generation of innovations. We don’t want regulation to be technology specific.

On mobile spectrum:

We need unencumbered auctions to get more spectrum into the marketplace. If we don’t move quickly on auctions, we are going to have a shortage of mobile spectrum.

Though I only had time to ask a few questions, I was impressed by Rep. Blackburn’s understanding of the importance of technology, innovation, and mobile spectrum to our economy in the 21st Century. Congratulations to Rep. Blackburn and thanks to Chairman Upton for naming her Vice Chair of the Committee. She is the type of leader we need to help us modernize our tech policies.

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  • gs says:

    With respect, Mr. Campbell, I would be cautious about taking Marsha Blackburn’s statements at face value.

    Although she recanted after opposition became overwhelming, sheco-sponsored SOPA and helped get a GOP staffer fired after he proposed copyright reform. Her district is in the Nashville area and she is known as a friend of big media companies.