Statement On Senate Resolution To Block FCC’s Discriminatory Privacy Rules

Posted by | March 23, 2017 | Privacy, Regulatory State | No Comments,-finanzas-y-emprendimiento.html Washington, DC, March 23, 2017 – Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, issued the following statement regarding today’s Senate resolution to block the Federal Communications Commission from imposing discriminatory privacy rules on broadband internet service providers:

“The resolution enforces the enduring principle of equality in law—that the government must not impose rules that favor one class over another who is similarly situated. The FCC rules flouted this principle by singling out ISPs despite overwhelming evidence that other types of companies are similarly situated with respect to their ability to collect consumer data online.

Government coercion based on one’s membership in a particular class is the most corrupting of all, because it creates a government-sponsored privilege for the unregulated that cannot be explained by reference to first principles. When such regulation is accepted as legitimate, even for the best of pragmatic reasons, it corrodes the principles of justice that are necessary to support a free society. Left unchecked, discriminatory regulation will rust away those principles, and free society will fall.”

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