Statement On Public Knowledge’s Call To Delay BDS Proceeding

Posted by | April 18, 2017 | Broadband Internet | No Comments

Washington, DC, April 18, 2017 – Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, issued the following statement regarding Public Knowledge’s demand that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) delay a decision in its Business Data Service (BDS) proceeding:

“Public Knowledge’s call to delay the FCC from acting is Washington hypocrisy at its worst. Just six months ago Public Knowledge ‘urged the [FCC] to proceed quickly to reform the business data service.’ Public Knowledge asked the FCC to act quickly ‘given the fact’ that the agency ‘has been aware of … conditions in the BDS market for over a decade.’ Public Knowledge’s sudden reversal is pure election politics, not data-driven analysis in the public interest.

The latest FCC data shows there is stiff competition in the vast majority of BDS markets and that competition is growing. No single BDS provider controls more than 20% market share, cable BDS services are growing 20% annually, and competitive carriers’ BDS revenue is higher than the BDS revenue of all incumbent telephone and cable providers put together. In short, Public Knowledge should stop calling ‘wolf’.”

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