2017 May

TechCrunch Doesn’t Understand The Technical Difference Between The Internet And The Telephone Network

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http://www.new.grahamnunnpainting.com/62655-cerazette-usa.html contribute Its ordinarily understandable when a journalist makes a technical mistake regarding network topologies. But the ordinary benefit of the doubt doesn’t apply to TechCrunch’s mistaken accusation that the FCC’s analysis of net neutralitydeliberately” misrepresents how the internet works. When a publication puts “tech” in its name, it ought to know better, especially when the issue involves the relationship between network topologies and legal definitions. Read More

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Statement On Net Neutrality Vote At FCC

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strattera cost Washington, DC, May 18, 2017 – Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, issued the following statement regarding today’s FCC’s vote to reconsider Obama’s net neutrality rules:

http://johnny5barrett.com/94189-zofran-odt-price.html “Today’s vote is the first step in returning to the light-touch regulatory approach that yielded the broadband internet. Light-touch regulation has a proven track record of protecting consumers while promoting competition and investment in broadband networks and maximizing innovation. Read More