Statement On Net Neutrality Vote At FCC

Washington, DC, May 18, 2017 – Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, issued the following statement regarding today’s FCC’s vote to reconsider Obama’s net neutrality rules:

“Today’s vote is the first step in returning to the light-touch regulatory approach that yielded the broadband internet. Light-touch regulation has a proven track record of protecting consumers while promoting competition and investment in broadband networks and maximizing innovation.

The 1930’s approach adopted by the Obama administration is a proven failure. It maintained a monopoly telephone network in the 20th century that stifled innovation, preempted competition, and left consumers with no choice but to accede to its demands. If Obama’s version of net neutrality is left in place, it will yield similar results for the internet in the 21st century, with Google as its overlord. The monopolies Obama gave Google over internet search, internet advertising and analytics, and mobile operating systems was only a taste of the Obamanet future.

As Obama’s FCC chairman said, ‘elections do have consequences.’ The voters spoke last November, and Obamanet will be short-lived. That is the reality of net neutrality advocates’ FCC-focused approach and the Democrat’s decision to spurn legislative compromise when they were still in power. Unless Congress acts, the FCC is free to reconsider its approach to net neutrality whenever it likes.

Today’s action takes us one step closer to leveling the 21st century internet playing field and ensure that American broadband is more open, innovative, and competitive.”