2018 March

Statement On FCC’s Action To Accelerate 5G Wireless Deployment

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Washington, DC, March 22, 2018 – Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, issued the following statement regarding the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to streamline the deployment of wireless infrastructure in order to accelerate the deployment of 5G wireless networks:

“The wireless industry around the world is racing to deploy the fifth generation (‘5G’) of wireless technology. 5G will fully mobilize the high-speed internet by delivering desk-top speeds and seamless interconnectivity to mobile devices.

Today’s action removes a significant barrier to enjoying the benefits of this new technology by clarifying that historical and environmental reviews aimed at traditional cell towers don’t apply to the significantly smaller and lower antennas that will be used for 5G deployments. The FCC’s existing historical and environmental review requirements will remain in place for large cell sites, but not for small, unobtrusive sites at low heights.

This approach strikes the right balance between the goals of preserving our heritage and a harmonious environment with the need to promote innovation and technological progress. It is appropriate to conserve the traditional approach for traditional structures while recognizing that small, next generation 5G sites don’t fit the rationale for the traditional approach.

The FCC should be commended for taking swift, conservative action to enable next generation technology that will help accelerate the deployment of high-speed broadband networks throughout the U.S.”

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