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Trump Takeaway on Tech: Enforcement Over Regulation

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“‘If this one [transaction] isn’t good, what vertical integration transaction is going to be good? Virtually none,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, a free-market think tank and a former head of the FCC’s wireless bureau about a decade ago. ‘Isn’t it a de facto regulation then that we’re just going to prohibit vertical integration?'”

DOJ Won’t Block $600 Million CIA Contract to – Why?

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“‘Most antitrust challenges involve mergers between companies that serve the same customers (‘horizontal’ mergers), like Walgreens’ attempt to acquire Rite Aid, because horizontal mergers eliminate a competitive choice from the marketplace,’ Fred Campbell pointed out at Tech Knowledge. The AT&T-Time Warner deal is a ‘vertical’ merger of companies who don’t serve the same set of customers — Time Warner creates programming to sell to distributors and AT&T distributes programming to consumers.”

AT&T Defies Trump Administration, Defends Corporate Media

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“‘To successfully challenge this vertical merger, DOJ would need to show that the combined company would have sufficient market power to foreclose rival video distributors from accessing Time Warner content or rival programmers from accessing AT&T’s distribution network,’ Campbell stressed. ‘Precedent, economic theory, and empirical evidence make it unlikely that the DOJ could prove the combined company would have sufficient market power to engage in either foreclosure strategy.'”