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FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly cited blog posts…

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell and Shane Tews, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute’s Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy, separately criticized the white paper for exceeding its authority by proposing that the federal government needs to assert ‘appropriate’ regulatory oversight over ISPs’ cybersecurity practices in the absence of clear market incentives to drive improvements (see 1701260020).”

Pai Seen Unlikely to Act on FCC Public Safety Bureau’s Cybersecurity White Paper

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“The white paper is likely ‘dead on arrival’ at the FCC under the new Republican majority, but it remains a concern because Wheeler circulated the paper to Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell.”

Operating Systems Seen As Threat To User Privacy

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“Meredith Rose, a staff attorney at Public Knowledge, and Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell had a rare moment of agreement this week during an event hosted by the American Action Forum, as they both pointed to the collection of user information by device operating systems as a privacy threat. Market dominance in operating systems is a much bigger problem than market dominance in Internet access service, Mr. Campbell said.”

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