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Net Reg Rule Rollback Fans: Sky Isn’t Falling

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“‘Don’t believe the hype. Today isn’t the end of net neutrality protections,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘It’s a change in venue.

‘Under its previous net neutrality regulations, the FCC regulated some internet companies using its statutory authority to protect consumers from ‘unjust and unreasonable’ practices. Under the ruling that took effect today, the Federal Trade Commission now regulates all internet companies using it statutory authority to protect consumers from ‘unfair or deceptive acts or practices.’ This simple shift in authority from one federal agency to another is why some advocates claim the internet sky is falling. Hyperbole is the only oxygen left in the net neutrality debate, and it’s causing people to hyperventilate.’”

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Senate Successfully Votes To Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules, Measure Moves To The House

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“‘Today’s vote was driven by political double-speak designed to win mid-term election votes. The net neutrality rules the CRA is intended to restore were designed to protect the special interests of big tech monopolies, not protect consumers. How? By letting big tech block websites, charge tolls, and create fast lanes while prohibiting big tech’s competitors from doing the same,’ said Fred Campbell, president of the market-oriented consultancy group Tech Knowledge, referring to the tech industry not affected by the rules. ‘A consumer-focused approach to internet regulation wouldn’t work this way. It would first ask what rights internet consumers should have and then adopt policies that protect those rights irrespective of corporate identity or technology.’”