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Public Interest Groups Ramp Up Pressure on Privacy, Set-Top Rules

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“The groups are desperate to see FCC action on the three issues before the election, said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. ‘It’s audacious for the letter’s signatories to suggest they represent ‘the American public,’ as if Americans were merely drones in a monolithic hive mind rather than an incredibly diverse citizenry with myriad views,’ he said. ‘If the signatories were truly interested in what the majority of Americans actually think, they wouldn’t be so worried about the impending election.'”

FCC keeps secret Google TV landgrab under wraps forever

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“Fred Campbell, former director of the wireless bureau at the FCC, explains that ordinarily the public could at least talk to the commissioners about the most recent set-top box proposal after it was removed from the FCC’s meeting. ‘But in a move that appears to have gone unnoticed yesterday, Wheeler decided to forbid the general public from discussing set-top box issues with anyone at the FCC.’”

Republicans Slam FCC for Foregoing Public Comment on New Set-Top Box Plan

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“’The notice deleting the proposal from yesterday’s agenda says — in arcane legalese — that ‘the sunshine period prohibition in 47 C.F.R. § 1.1203 will remain in effect until further notice,” conservative tech blogger and former head of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Fred Campbell wrote in Forbes Friday. ‘In plain English, this means the ordinary back-and-forth between the public and the FCC on Wheeler’s set-top box proposal is prohibited indefinitely.’”

Thune Urges FCC To Release Set-Top Box Further Notice

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“Meanwhile, Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell complained today about the FCC’s retaining of its ‘sunshine’ prohibitions on the set-top box item.

‘At this point it appears the public won’t receive notice and an opportunity to comment on the latest version of his set-top box rules and won’t even be allowed to discuss them at the FCC until Wheeler gets what he wants,’ Mr. Campbell said in a piece posted on the ‘Forbes’ website. “‘That’s not how an open and transparent government process is supposed to work. The ‘notice-and-comment’ and ‘sunshine’ rules governing agency procedures are supposed to facilitate greater public participation in rulemaking proceedings, not shut the public out.'”

FCC Pulls STB Item From Meeting Agenda

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell said, ‘Over the last several weeks, it has become increasingly clear that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s most recent iteration of his revised proposal to regulate set-top boxes looks nothing like the proposal the agency released for public comment earlier this year. Especially in light of the obvious lack of consensus among the agency’s commissioners, the public interest would be best served by providing the public with notice of how the revised plan is expected to work and a reasonable opportunity to comment on it.’

‘A decision that could determine the future of television shouldn’t be cloaked in secrecy. It should be decided through a transparent and open process that reflects the complexity and importance of this proceeding,’ Mr. Campbell added.”

Netflix Throttling of Its Own Video Stream Was a Bad Thing

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“Netflix’s throttling of its own video stream on AT&T and Verizon devices (see 1603250050) was a bad thing, net neutrality advocates concede, Fred Campbell, executive director of Tech Knowledge, said Thursday in a Forbes blog post. But Netflix, as an edge provider, didn’t violate FCC net neutrality rules, which shows a fundamental problem with the rules, Campbell wrote.”

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