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Low Prices in Incentive Auction Said to Offer Many Lessons for Next FCC

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FCC re-establishment of bidding credit policies ‘helped to push AWS-3 auction prices to record highs, which would tend to reduce the amount of capital the largest providers have to commit to the incentive auction,’ said Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge. Campbell ran the [7]00 MHz auction as chief of the Wireless Bureau. Campbell said FCC adoption of a set-aside for competitors, under which the largest carriers ‘are likely to receive the least valuable blocks,’ also didn’t help. ‘Ironically, these decisions were driven by the FCC’s unsubstantiated assumption that lower frequency spectrum is substantially more valuable than higher frequency spectrum, an assumption that appears quaint given the wireless industry’s interest in using higher frequency spectrum for the deployment of 5G technologies,’ Campbell said.”

Enforcement Regime, Including Receiver Rules, Seen Needed for 5G Future

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“As 5G gets deployed, one thing regulators have to resolve is whether they will settle on a particular model — like the current system of licensed and unlicensed spectrum and a hybrid universe created by the 3.5 GHz rules — or ‘a little this, a little that experimentation,’ said Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell. He said the FCC needs to address the split in its spectrum allocation service rules, with users of licensed spectrum having stricter regulation and requirements than users of unlicensed — a dichotomy he called ‘nonsensical.'”

Strickling Calls For Receiver Standards, Details On Spectrum Use

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“During a panel discussion after Mr. Strickling’s remarks, Fred Campbell, director of Tech Knowledge, suggested that a value could be placed on spectrum. ‘Government does that on a routine basis in virtually all areas not involving spectrum,’ he said, citing real property and building leases.”

AT&T-Time Warner Merger: 4 Obstacles Faced as a Battle for Trump’s Blessing Begins

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“The deal has little to do with the service, notes former FCC official Fred Campbell, now a director at Tech Knowledge, but net neutrality advocates will object. He says: ‘If you’re opposed to the merger and the facts and laws aren’t on your side, you look for a popular hook. With zero rating, you’ve got some built-in noisemaking.'”

AT&T on Deck to Defend Time Warner Deal, Amid Concerns From PK, Cinemoi, Klobuchar

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell defended DirecTV Now ahead of the hearing, expecting the topic may arise there. ‘What’s not to like about free data and competitive choices?’ Campbell said in a blog post for The Hill. ‘Nothing, if you are a consumer. DirecTV Now’s cap-free video streams are a boon for consumers ‘from a cost point of view’ and offer new competitive options at attractive prices.'”

Bickering over BDS reform

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“Another point of contention is that Verizon and INCOMPAS have billed their proposal as a ‘compromise’ given that Verizon is a leading incumbent and INCOMPAS is a trade group dedicated to competitive networks. But Fred Campbell, the director of Tech Knowledge, argues that the proposal is not a true compromise, and that Verizon is more interested in growing its wireless business than protecting its wireline assets.

‘A true compromise requires both sides to make concessions. In its agreement with INCOMPAS, however, Verizon stands to reap substantial gains for its wireless business while conceding nothing that would harm its bottom line,’ Campbell wrote in an opinion piece for Forbes.”

Sprint and Verizon Pushed Business Data Service

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“Tech Knowledge Director Fred Campbell disagreed that Incompas/Verizon proposals were a compromise, given their increasingly common wireless-oriented interests. Verizon would reap the benefits of lower BDS rates out of region but wouldn’t have to lower its own Ethernet rates, he said in a commentary.”

FCC Accelerates Pace of Incentive Auction, With Long Road Ahead

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“‘The discrepancies in supply and demand between the top tier markets and the other markets suggests the FCC raised the increment because it believes there is more headroom in the top markets, and that the relative lack of demand in smaller markets no longer justifies the smaller increment,’ said Fred Campbell, who oversaw the 700 MHz auction as chief of the Wireless Bureau. Campbell is now director of Tech Knowledge.”

Forward Auction Proceeds Slowly Increase But at Rate Controlled by FCC

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“Fred Campbell, who oversaw the 700 MHz auction as chief of the Wireless Bureau, told us it’s noteworthy that at the end of the 10th round, aggregate demand exceeded the aggregate supply of licenses in only 72 of 426 markets. ‘In most smaller markets, aggregate demand amounted to about one-third of the available supply,’ Campbell said. ‘The only licenses that appear to be highly contested at this point are those in the 40 largest markets. This is consistent with other evidence that the availability of spectrum below 1 GHz is not the primary barrier to mobile deployment in rural areas.’ Based on past auctions, bidding is ‘unlikely’ to reach $86.4 billion, said Campbell, now executive director of Tech Knowledge.”

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