National Broadband Plan

Conservatives Embrace Internet Freedom, Provide Vision for Internet Transformation

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read the article The Daily Caller posted language from the draft 2012 Republican Party Platform this morning indicating the platform includes Internet freedom. The platform indicates conservatives have embraced Internet freedom based on the removal of barriers to infrastructure investment and resistance to international governance. Within the next ten years, Internet connectivity will form the foundation of economic growth and social discourse at home and abroad. For the United States to lead the world in the 21st Century, it must lead the transformation from outdated, analog communications infrastructures to fully digital networks capable of supporting the ultra fast Internet services of the future. Conservatives recognize the importance of the Internet to American leadership and that the nation’s success depends on the adoption of a visionary approach to communications policy.

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New FCC Commissioner Pai Offers Broadband Leadership

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have a peek at these guys Something remarkable happened during Commissioner Ajit Pai’s speech in Pittsburgh today. (PDF) In his first major speech, Commissioner Pai laid out a proposal to “unlock investment and innovation in the digital age” by promoting entrepreneurs, holding the FCC accountable, and providing clarity to the broadband industry.

To date, this FCC’s path toward our broadband future has been stalled by inaction and a failure to adjust to the rapid changes affecting the wireless industry and the Internet economy. The 2010 National Broadband Plan says “Broadband is the great infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century.” Yet, over two years later, the FCC (1) has no strategy for transitioning our nation to all-IP communications networks, (2) has no timeline for making more spectrum available, and (3) is expending its resources on the regulation of narrowband special access services. Commissioner Pai recognizes that the current course will not promote continued investment in IP-networks or the wireless ecosystem, and that America’s global competitiveness hinges on how fast we can move to an all IP world.

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At Broadband Hearing, Congress Should Ask about Genachowski’s Narrowband Bridge to Nowhere

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The House Committee on Small Business is holding a hearing tomorrow on the Digital Divide: Expanding Broadband Access to Small Business. The Committee will hear from several agency heads, including FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, about their overall strategy to expand broadband capabilities to small businesses. I would ask Chairman Genachowski one question: How does your plan to encourage the deployment of narrowband special access services support new infrastructure investment and deployment of broadband networks?

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