Senate Proposal to End TV Blackouts Expected to Face Fierce Broadcaster Opposition

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Originally published in Communications Daily on August 13, 2014.

“Local Choice may simply be ‘August reverie,’ said Center for Boundless Innovation in Technology Executive Director Fred Campbell in a blog post (, expressing surprise at Thune’s purported involvement. He said Local Choice would apparently ‘do nothing’ about the dispute between Time Warner Cable and DirecTV over the Los Angeles Dodgers games. ‘Would Senator Thune introduce a bill to end blackouts that leaves the biggest blackout of the year completely untouched?’ Campbell said. ‘Unlikely. To the extent Senator Thune believes that mandating à la carte is the right solution for blackouts, he would presumably apply it to all video programming channels — broadcast, cable, satellite, and online.’ He compared the retrans overhaul advocates to advocates for strong net neutrality rules, partly amounting to his surprise at Thune’s involvement: ‘ATVA’s campaign to prohibit market negotiations between pay-TV operators and broadcasters represents a page right out of the net neutrality playbook,’ Campbell remarked.”