Competing views on net neutrality, but all roads lead to litigation

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Originally published in SNL Kagan Media & Communications Report on May 1, 2017.

“Instead, Campbell said unfettered competition would provide the same protection, explaining that without the Open Internet Order of 2015, Alphabet Inc.’s Google Fiber and other new entrants would have had more incentive to invest in broadband. ‘By its very nature, net neutrality rules discourage investment in competitive networks. Why should you invest when you can just ride on someone else’s network at no cost?’ Campbell said in an interview.

He added, ‘I think everyone agrees blocking internet content is not a great idea. It’s more a question of how you police it and what are the long-term implications of those choices.’ Under Campbell’s model, incumbents like AT&T Inc. and Comcast could not block or throttle without risking losing subscribers to new competitors.”