Multichannel Video Programming Distributor [MVPD]

A person such as, but not limited to, a cable operator, a multichannel multipoint distribution service, a direct broadcast satellite service, or a television receive-only satellite program distributor, who makes available for purchase, by subscribers or customers, multiple channels of video programming. 47 U.S.C. § 522(13).

The FCC determines whether a person is considered an MVPD based on the similarity of the video service provided to the consumer, not on the technology used (e.g., coaxial cable, fiber, spectrum) or the identity of the parent company (e.g., cable operator, telephone company), or any regulatory classification (e.g., cable service, open video system). See Annual Assessment of the Status of Competition in the Market for the Delivery of Video Programming, Fifteenth Report, FCC 13-99 at ¶ 17 (2013).

The Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service” (MMDS) was a wireless cable service operating primarily in the 2.5 GHz spectrum band. The FCC has eliminated this service and repurposed the 2.5 GHz spectrum for the Broadband Radio Service.


multichannel video programming distributors
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